What is WES' address?

WES has made changes to further enhance the services we provide to those whose institutions only issue academic documents in hard copies. Starting January 10, 2022 we will have a single WES Global Documentation Centre address for all U.S. and Canadian evaluations. Please use this new mailing address, which supports faster processing times. 

By Postal Mail:

WES Reference No.: _______________

WES Global Documentation Centre



By Express Courier:

WES Reference No.: _______________

WES Global Documentation Centre

14 - 145 Industrial Pkwy South

Aurora ON, L4G 3V5


Note: Documents cannot be hand-delivered to WES.

If you have not yet mailed us your documents, please use this address and share it with any relevant institutions. If your documents are already on the way, they will be forwarded to this address; no further action is needed. Rest assured, documents already on the way will not be affected.

Please be aware that this address is a global document processing centre, and there are no specialists on site with access to information about the status of your report. No walk-ins are permitted, and we will strictly respect current public health guidelines. 

More help is available by phone or email.   Contact Us

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