I’m from Cuba. How should I send my transcripts?

For completed, incomplete and in-progress study, ask one of the following agencies to verify your document and send directly to WES:

Bufete de Servicios Especializados (BES) Dirección General

Calle 23 No. 501 Esquina a J. Vedado

Ciudad de La Habana www.onbc.cu/bes

Consultoría Jurídica Departmento Trámites Migratorios y Documentales

Calle 16 No. 314 entre 3ra. 5ta. Avenidas

Miramar, Playa Ciudad de La Habana www.cji.co.cu

Download and complete the top section of the Academic Records Request Form. This form will help you request your documents.

More help is available by phone or email.   Contact Us

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